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When and How to Use a Trickle Charger April 18, A trickle charger provides a more sustainable charge than a quick jump start. Learn about the benefits and best practices to using a trickler charger. A trickle charger is a car battery charger designed to be left on a car for a long period of time to re-charge the battery. It slowly adds the charge to the battery and does not allow for the normal depletion of charge that batteries commonly have. There are differing opinions of how long a trickle charger can be left on a battery and for that reason, different types have been manufactured. Some trickle chargers can be left on a battery indefinitely. These would be used on a vehicle that is not used all the time or is stored away for the winter or the summer. A trickle charger built specifically for this is left on in the event that the vehicle is needed in an emergency or other unexpected situation. It keeps the battery from being depleted from non-use.

How to Use Jumper Cables

Thoth8 and Sekhmet 29 September First, let me state a few facts: This is not a high power solar kit. Our goal was a light or two and power for emergency radios. This is only a watt set up for starters.

Jump starting a car in the rain is not really dangerous but you need to follow some safe and secure jump starting process. Here is how you can make a good start. BRING OUT THE CABLES.

I believe if you swap the hot in this configuration, a standard outlet tester will indicate the error. Many people faced with a two-prong outlet will use an adapter that leaves them with an open ground. If an appliance plugged in there has a hot-ground short, the appliance exterior will become hot rather than tripping the breaker. If you wire ground to neutral such a faulty appliance will at least trip the breaker.

Given that faulty appliances seem to me to be likely more common than a break in the neutral wire in the wall, it seems like ground-to-neutral is at least an improvement over open ground. Remember that the “neutral” the grounded conductor is absolutely a conductor and carries exactly as much current as the “hot” wire. If you bootleg your ground, then you’re energizing all the parts of any plugged-in appliance that are meant to be grounded. It might the metal housing of a toaster, it might be screws in a hair dryer–who knows.

But you’re energizing those parts and creating a shock hazard.

What Happens When You Hook Up A Battery Charger To Your Car With Neg To Pos And Pos To Neg

May 31, , This is completely false! If you hook the cables up incorrectly, it can and will fry your electrical system though. Our batteries have a 12V potential and can supply CCA cold cranking amps. Most car batteries are 12V and able to supply CCA. I can see where this could be thought of as a problem but we have to realize, the battery provides the potential, the load “pulls” the current amps.

Let’s say you are driving home from a party or a sporting event. It’s pouring rain and, as you drive home, your car battery dies. While you’d probably be better off waiting for the rain to stop, if you are in a bind you can, technically, charge your battery in the rain.

Just a simple page on modifying the V Star Custom to fit us folks on the shorter end. I’m a poor college student so finding the time to do some of these mods can be quite challenging. I disappear for months at a time, especially when I’m not doing anything on my bike. Any questions, feel free to send me an email. Sunday, January 9, Battery Tender Jr. The most practical mod or addition I’ve done is hooking up a Battery Tender Jr.

This should have been the first thing I thought of but I had no idea how quick a motorcycle battery loses potential in just a few days. It took about 10 minutes to install using a Phillips screwdriver and a 5mm allen key. Don’t be too gentle when taking off the cover, that right side needs a solid tug to take off. Make sure to remove any rings, bracelets, and other accessories from your hands before working near the battery.


You got right down to my core misunderstanding. My epiphany occurred on the idea that “the entire chassis is an extension of the minus terminal of the battery”. I’m still wondering why cars are designed this way, but that wasn’t in my original question.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Jumpstarting a Car Knowing how to jumpstart a car is a skill all drivers should have. Always ground the circuit and connect the jumper cables to the proper terminals. by Mark Vallet on December 03, Pavel L Photo and Video / Share Tweet Pin.

The list above is from our local program, only. Take a look at all the gear included in these kits to see what you might want to include in yours. By the time the class is over, most of our CERT members have added to their bags — first aid items, a few tools, duct and making tape, pens and tablets to write on, headlamps, etc. The duffle bag can get very heavy very quickly; most people keep them in their cars. Buying items in bulk can reduce that cost. If something happens, we want to be able to jump into action — safely!

As you can see, this card assumes that the community has already been organized into Divisions; everyone has a walkie-talkie and understands the way channels have been assigned. Your own checklist needs to reflect the vocabulary and set-up of your organization. You might consider laminating it to give it a bit more heft. People like to be recognized — and this is an important role they are going to be playing! What lists or checklists have you found to be helpful as you manage your own preparedness?

And do you have suggestions for helping a group get formed and stay interested?

Jumper cables ?

Many of us do padlock the trailer hitch lever down so it can not be disconnected from the ball. This can also be a good thing to get used to doing as it is a reminder to not forget to snap the lever down onto the ball. But what about securing the hitch extension into the bumper’s receiver? If you just use the original spring snap clip to hold the pin in place, it is rather easy to pull the pin, slide the trailer rearward enough to get the extension out of the receiver and then transfer the extension to a waiting vehicle that has the same commonly used receiver.

To prevent this, I have drilled my extension pin out enough to also accept a padlock bail, as shown in the photo below on the right. It is nice to purchase 2 or 3 padlocks using the same key for this situation.

RAY: By the way, they now sell “idiot-proof” jumper cables that won’t operate if you hook them up incorrectly. Go out and buy two pairs. King Features Syndicate.

Add a personal message: Sending your article Your article has been sent. Sears has an impressive, if somewhat ludicrous, video in its automotive centers showing a DieHard battery getting blasted by a high-powered rifle. Back then, batteries often leaked, got caked with corrosion, and needed to be opened and filled with extra water about once a year. Modern batteries are for the most part sealed tight and maintenance-free. Connect the positive cables to the positive terminals on each battery, and then connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the working battery.

But why is the order so important? I asked Greg St. Aubin, manager of after-market training for the battery maker ACDelco and a longtime technician, to explain. The average car these days, he began, has 20 or more onboard computers. But I have taken the shortcut of putting a positive and negative connection on the working battery first, then walking over and putting the remaining jumper cables on the disabled car.

When and How to Use a Trickle Charger

Wheel Restoration Today’s project is to get these poor looking wheels strait. Starting off I need to get all that Nast brake dust and rust cleaned up. I bought some degreaser that would not damage the wheels. Using an unknown ratio I filled up a container with water and cleaner. I let each wheel sit in the mix for about 24 hours.

Dec 30,  · If you’ve got double-length jumper cables in the path, you’ve got six sets of metal-to-metal contact plus extra cable length in the conduction path, all of which could add up to rather more resistance than the starter motor itself has.

How bad is it? Not sure if i put the cables to the jumper on backwards. Is 0 fully charged or is 6? Answers for The Question girardd Well, was the alternator still good? This is one of the parts that could be damaged by doing this. Depending on the age and model of the car, the independent voltage regulator could also be damaged, as could the battery itself.

Did you observe any arcing? Check electrical cables for burn contacts or melted plastic. Do not trust the color of the battery cables alone. Ernest F If your car needed a jump start it could be anything.

Jumper Cables Made EASY For Beginner