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Courtesy Alex Generales Since Queer Eye debuted on Netflix last month, it has become the feel-good salve that many burnt-out, politics-weary Americans never knew they needed. The show, like its predecessor Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, dispatches five lifestyle experts—a. But the new Queer Eye is more than a makeover series. We reached Berk by phone in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles to discuss his journey as a designer, his experiences on the show, and the possibility of a second season. Can you first tell me your story? You allude to it a little bit in the show. But how did you come into design? But I never, growing up in Missouri, thought of it as a career path. I had worked in retail before, so I got a job at Restoration Hardware managing the store [while the original series was filming there]. In , I opened up my design firm so I could focus on what I really loved, which is interior design.

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Fremont Street in the late s This view of downtown Las Vegas shows a mushroom cloud in the background. Scenes such as this were typical during the s. From to the government conducted atmospheric tests at the nearby Nevada Test Site.

There are 26 individuals that go by the name of Trina Davis. These individuals collectively are associated with 21 companies in 23 cities. The cities are Anchorage AK, Bryan TX, Chicago IL, Feeding Hills MA, Flowood MS, Fort Worth TX, Henderson NV, Indianapolis IN, Irving TX, Lake Oswego OR, New Orleans LA, Orangevale CA, Port Saint Lucie FL, Reading PA, Sedalia CO, Shawnee Mission KS.

Astoria , OR Two stoners create a clay bong that uses flavored disks to make the marijuana smoke taste like different foods. They contact a friend with a homemade kiln. After some time, they check on the progress of the bong. After seeing that the kiln has gone out, the stoners drop a lighter into it. The lit match ignites the propane gas inside, causing an explosion which turns the clay into deadly shrapnel , killing them. After already eating at other restaurants and nearly choking to death at the current restaurant , he suffers a heart attack from the MSG that accumulated in his system from nothing but a steady diet of Chinese buffet food.

Baby Boom September 12, Redwood City , CA A couple who enjoy baby-mother roleplaying build a full nursery, complete with an adult-sized drop-gate crib. During one session, the wife leaves for a brief break, resulting in her husband throwing a tantrum. Accidentally throwing his teddy bear out of the crib, the man reaches through the bars to try to grab it. He shakes the crib with enough force to unlock the gate, which falls and severs the man’s vertebrae, causing him to die of asphyxiation.

Turtle Shelled August 17, Mojave Natl Park An animal poaching married couple attempt to find rare animals to sell on the wildlife black market. They spot a rare, endangered turtle, and the husband attempts to capture it. However, before he can grab the turtle, a bald eagle swoops down and snatches it. The eagle drops the turtle from a high altitude to break its shell, but it lands on the husband’s head, breaking through his skull and sending him into cardiac arrest.

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Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka jumping a beaver dam Damaged beaver dam on Blackwood Creek. Beaver dams are easily crossed by trout and their ponds may serve as critical breaks for wildfires. The beaches of Lake Tahoe are the only known habitat for the rare Lake Tahoe yellowcress Rorippa subumbellata , a plant which grows in the wet sand between low- and high-water marks. As spawning season approaches the fish acquire a humpback and protuberant jaw.

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Georgia GA In Georgia, one day you could be soaking up some sun on Tybee Island, and the next day you could be hiking up the Blue Ridge Mountains — that’s how diverse it is. The same goes for the people — mingle with the city folks in Atlanta pop. Hawaii is made up of eight main islands approximately miles of combined coastline and has about 66 waterfalls, three active volcanoes, 13 major mountain peaks, and 1. Idaho ID In addition to being celebrated as the Potato State, Idaho is also celebrated as the Gem State because of its reputation for dazzling gemstones.

That’s pretty romantic, right? Another fun fact a friend and his wife told me is that Boise, the capital, surprisingly has some of the best Mexican food they’ve ever had. This Midwest state offers its Not only does Iowa have some of the most awe-inspiring scenery around rolling plains, quaint farmhouses, decades-old bridges, miles-long cornfields, etc. Just over 3 million, to be exact!

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Testing Centers in North Las Vegas, NV powered by the National Computer Science Academy. We have compiled a list below of certification testing centers in your area including National Computer Science Academy, A+, Network+, Microsoft MCSE, Computer Hardware Technician, and many more.

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A good wholesome buffet breakfast, very good variety, and excellent cleanliness. Great place to take a break from the high paced Las Vegas area. Joseph, United States of America The front desk staff was exceptionally friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Aaron, United States of America bed was comfy, staff were kind and thoughtful- especially Josh. It was nice to walk in and not worry about a bunch of smoke like most of the places in Las Vegas.

The pool was open late.

Black Lightning

The area was noted by fur trappers in the s and ’30s. It served as a waypoint for westward-bound travel on the Emigrant Trail along the Humboldt River by According to local legends the name stems from confrontations between Native Americans and early settlers during the s and ’60s. In the railroad moved the Argenta station to Battle Mountain and established a townsite to serve the Battle Mountain copper and gold mining district.

The rail line was constructed to connect the silver mines around Austin to the Central Pacific line at Battle Mountain.

Dating back as far as ca. 18, B.C., the petroglyph sites scattered throughout Nevada are the beginning of a rich and productive cultural expression that continues to define Nevada as a valuable and vibrant resource of aesthetic expression.

It is okay to be rude if you are suspect of someone’s motivations! Educate yourself and talk to other people. Staying informed and talking to others is the best way to prevent scams. Ask them for feedback. Senior Fraud Older Americans are targeted for fraud because they are the mostly likely demographic to have money in savings, own their home, and have excellent credit… all of which a fraudster will attempt to take advantage of.

Also, seniors are less likely to report fraud. Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. However, they’re devastating to many older adults and can leave them in a very vulnerable position with little time to recoup their losses. Low-income older adults are also at risk of financial abuse.

And it’s not always strangers who perpetrate these crimes. Review our list below, so you can identify a potential scam. In these types of scams, perpetrators may pose as a Medicare representative to get older people to give them their personal information, or they will provide bogus services for elderly people at makeshift mobile clinics, then use the personal information they provide to bill Medicare and pocket the money.

Always keep all personal information, such as your Medicare number confidential, just as you would a credit card or a bank account number. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Most commonly, counterfeit drug scams operate on the Internet, where seniors increasingly go to find better prices on specialized medications.

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