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It was from Los Angeles in that Moscow, Russia was planted. In the first year in Manila, were baptized into Christ! Elena is pictured on the far right. Of note, in the summer of after planting Manila, Kip courageously moved his family to Cairo after seven of the original eight mission team members — who were Americans — were deported by the government. This was a daring decision for Kip, Elena and their three young children. Kip felt that if he was to call others to preach in such life-threatening places as the Middle East, he himself must set an example to demonstrate this radical level of faith and sacrifice. John went home to the Father on September 1, Unique to the Boston Movement, not only did disciples make disciples, but churches planted churches. By , at the time of his sabbatical, there were almost churches in nations and a combined Sunday morning attendance of about , ! The largest international congregation was the Manila Church at 6, in attendance!

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The Douai Bible translates this into English as “God is charity” , while in most contemporary English translations it reads “God is love” since the word “charity” is derived from the Latin caritas, or “love”. The Latin version of the First Epistle of John uses the same formulation, Deus caritas est, at the end of chapter 4, verse 8 translating the same phrase in Greek.

Eros and agape are two of the various Greek words for love , each of which has a slightly different shade of meaning: The document explains that eros and agape are both inherently good, but that eros risks being downgraded to mere sex if it is not balanced by an element of spiritual Christianity. The opinion that eros is inherently good follows a school of thought in the Catholic Church known as the “Caritas tradition”, and contrasts with the view expressed, for example, by Anders Nygren , a Lutheran bishop, in his mid th century book Eros and Agape , that agape is the only truly Christian kind of love, and that eros is an expression of the individual’s desires and turns us away from God.

The continuity of these two forms of love follows the traditional Catholic understanding, which is influenced by the philosophy of Plato , Augustine , Bonaventure and ancient Jewish tradition. The Nygren position was favoured by the Reformed theologian Karl Barth while the Caritas position was supported by the liberal Protestant theologian Paul Tillich. The first half of the encyclical is more philosophical , tracing the meaning of the Greek words for “love”.

In considering eros, Benedict refers to a line from Virgil ‘s Eclogues , Book X, line 69, “Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori” “Love conquers all, let us also yield to love” , and the opinion of Friedrich Nietzsche that Christianity has poisoned eros, turning it into a vice. He goes on to defend the un-biblical view that sex is a “gift” of the Creator, whereas it entered in through the fall and the Bible teaches that there will be no marriage in heaven, proving that sex is a result of the fall.


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It appears in the Johannine definition 1 John 4: To this Biblical data must be added: In view of all this Biblical data, it is neither surprising that the Bible has much to say about love nor that the mystery of love spills over the limits of the best definitions of love. While the NT with its two words for love, makes finer distinctions of meaning, even in the NT the distinctions are blurred in actual usage so that the meanings of each overlap.

Nygren defines eros as it appears in Gr. Eros seeks its object in order to satisfy its own hunger. Eros seeks its object for the worth and value it has for its own self-fulfillment. Eros in Biblical thought is an expression for mutuality; the lover finds delight in this love. Eros celebrates life in general, and bodily life in particular.

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The elite dark circle of military industrial controllers want to control what we see, hear, believe and feel, and they want him where he is.

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The main goal of Agape Ministries is to bring the Word of God to orphans in Ukraine Home Page bannes. Free Joomla Extensions Joomla module Joomla Plugin. Latest News. The girl who dreamed of Paris Bible Lessons in Ukrainian orphanages We train and support Christian teachers to teach Bible Lessons in orphanages.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs.

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A simple sprain, an attack by a swarm of bees or other trivial incident may have serious consequences if you are alone. If you do “go it alone”, you should either be completely familiar with the trail, or experienced enough to be able to orient yourself, read a map, and use a compass. You should acquaint yourself with the region and not be afraid of meeting dogs or dangerous people.

It is easy to lose your way and in case of doubt turn back. The weather can change without warning and that can put you to danger of sliding, losing your way or a cruel drop in temperature a risk of hypothermia.


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Hague calls for end of Ukraine clashes 20 Feb A handful of shots, fired with precision, had ended these young lives. As for when the men died, Dr Lukach said that all had been killed within the previous two hours. No smell of decomposition rose from the corpses and their limbs flopped and rolled without any sign of rigor mortis. The bodies were all brought from Institutska Street, leading off the eastern end of Independence Square, which all Ukrainians know as the Maidan.

For a few hours, this narrow artery was the front line of the struggle between the protesters and the security forces of President Viktor Yanukovych. On Thursday morning, the demonstrators took advantage of a police withdrawal to surge forward and recapture all the ground they had lost during the bloody assault on Wednesday. As the security forces retreated before this determined counter-attack, the evidence suggests that snipers positioned in the buildings overlooking Institutska Street began to pick off their enemies.

A grand building with white columns, serving in normal times as an arts and culture centre, might have been one vantage point. All of the dead men were young, fit and dressed in the black jackets or camouflage fatigues typically worn by those protesters who place themselves in the thick of battle.

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