Growing number of MPs under scrutiny over conduct claims

Facebook faces a conservative insurgency within its ranks. Milo Yiannopoulos’ Facebook rant shows that de-platforming actually works Amerige wrote a post called “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity” on Facebook’s internal message board, which was shared with the Times. The group says its aim is to “create a space for ideological diversity” within the company, but the post has also received criticism. One engineer told the Times that several employees have complained to their managers about the post. Google faced a similar problem when former engineer, James Damore, sent around a memo arguing that the lack of diversity in tech was due to women being biologically inferior to men. As you might expect, it didn’t go over so well, and Damore was fired shortly after the memo was sent. He is now part of a class-action lawsuit against the company. Despite claims from people like Donald Trump that Silicon Valley is suppressing conservative voices, right-wing viewpoints from sites like Breitbart have largely flourished on the network. According to a analysis by social media monitoring company NewsWhip, liberal publishers only see half the engagement of conservative pages. Facebook has also been accused of letting hate speech — especially from those on the alt-right — flourish on the site, something it’s still figuring out how to deal with.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Theresa May called the election because she wants a democratic mandate of her own to pursue what will almost certainly be very tough and complex negotiations with European leaders over the UK’s exit from the European Union. Formed in the s as a right-of-centre party. In favour of capitalism, free enterprise and minimal intervention by government.

Image copyright PA Image caption Margaret Thatcher was a controversial and transformative leader Dominated British politics in the 20th Century, holding power for 57 years. Margaret Thatcher’s administration had arguably the most profound impact, introducing a range of free-market reforms, and limiting the power of the trade unions.

Sep 27,  · A Conservative councillor who sits on two district councils has confirmed he will not be standing for re-election in one of the wards next year. Councillor Sam Gibbs (Con) represents the Croft ward on Richmondshire District Council and the Valley Gardens ward on .

Share via Email Say “American conservative commentator” and what do you picture? A middle-aged guy in shirt and necktie, right? Speak of a “hardline Republican pundit” and what else comes to mind? Perhaps a big-mouth butterball like Rush Limbaugh? Or a Bible-bashing, burn-in-hell televangelist like Jerry Falwell? Chances are, you are not picturing a Manhattan blonde with dating worries and enough acid one-liners to blow the Manolo Blahniks off the Sex And The City gang.

Chances are you are not picturing Ann Coulter: Whether in the jeans and cowboy boots she’s wearing today or one of the tiny skirts that accompanied her first TV appearances, she does not fit easily into Michael Moore’s pantheon of Stupid White Men. Yet those whom Moore despises, Coulter reveres. Her only beef with the Republican party is that it’s not rightwing enough. Her grievance against the war on Iraq:

Westminster Russia Forum

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionIs homosexuality still taboo in British Asian families? A similar number of UK citizens responded to the same questions to generate a reflection of the views of the wider population. Of the 2, respondents to the British Asian survey, 1, were born in the UK – with countries of origin being predominantly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The survey will be discussed on a special live debate show on the Asian Network , on 14 August from The surveys also revealed differences in how age affects attitudes.

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Organisation and membership A graph showing the percentage of the popular vote received by major parties in general elections, In the organisation of the Conservative Party constituency associations dominate the election of party leaders and the selection of local candidates while the Conservative campaign headquarters leads financing, organisation of elections and drafting of policy.

The leader of the parliamentary party forms policy in consultation with his cabinet and administration. This decentralised structure is unusual. Symbols Under the leadership of David Cameron, the Conservative party has changed its electoral symbol from the freedom torch to that of a stylised oak tree and its official party colours from red, white and blue to blue and green. Before and after, the colour blue is most generally associated with the party.

In the Cumbrian constituencies of Penrith and the Border and Westmorland and Lonsdale the party has yellow as its colour after the coat of arms of the Earls of Lonsdale. This was an allusion to the Tories , a political grouping that had existed from , but which had no organisational continuity with the Pittite party. From about on the name “Tory” was commonly used for the newer party. Not all members of the party were content with the “Tory” name.

George Canning first used the term ‘Conservative’ in the s and it was suggested as a title for the party by John Wilson Croker in the s.

Tory Brexiteers split as doubts grow about ditching Chequers

What’s in the government’s new policy? Concerns about immigration don’t make people ‘hostile’ Sajid Javid: Brexit negotiations are “nothing more than pantomime” Andrew Bridgen MP:

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History[ edit ] The forum originally launched as Conservative Friends of Russia in , a political interest group for those with an interest in Russian politics, business, history and culture, with the aim of strengthening relations between the British and Russian communities. The group described itself as “an organisation created for those with an interest in Russian politics, business, history and culture, with the aim of strengthening relations between the British and Russian communities and informing political decision making within both countries.

The group’s launch gained mixed reviews in the media from proponents and opponents of the conservatives, with some journalists questioning its neutrality [1] whilst others supported its goals of fostering Russia—United Kingdom relations. It also subsidised its members to attend an event featuring international lawyers discussing the Pussy Riot incident, and hosted a debate on the US Presidential Election and its impact upon the relationship between the two countries.

In December it claimed victory in its campaign as the newly formed Westminster Russia Forum [4] as the Prime Minister David Cameron announced that a new medal would be created. It also supplied the Conservative Campaign Headquarters CCHQ with a full report showing financial statements and minutes of meetings to demonstrate that there was no impropriety. The press release was coincidental with the chair of the All-party parliamentary group on Russia being due for renewal.

The campaign included a letter signed by thirty two Members of Parliament which was submitted to the Honours and Decorations HD Committee on Remembrance Day, requesting that the veterans be rewarded with a medal in recognition of the part they played in the vital Arctic Convoy missions throughout the Second World War.

Conservative manifesto for General Election 2017: Key points, policies and summary

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The UK Refused To Raid A Company Suspected Of Money Laundering, Citing Its Tory Donations “It is of note that they are the biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party led by Prime Minister.

Theresa May should hop to it and get more Tory party members Politics was rarely the main event. It was a party for dating, drinking and dining. For many it was for making connections that might be useful in business. By the s, when Margaret Thatcher was leader, it still had a million members. Not all of them stuffed envelopes, delivered leaflets and knocked on the doors of voters but enough did to help ensure the oldest democratic party in the world was also its most successful.

Membership halved while David Cameron was leader — to under ,

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I learned that, I went on a date with a girl that had “third wave feminist” in her bio, she only joked about having the right to vote 3 frickin times, like come on you got full voting rights regardless of property ownership only a decade after guys did (UK and ) and .

How does conservation plowing conserve soil? It doesn’t break the soil down into a fine powder that would blow away in a strong wind or be washed away in a heavy rain shower. It still maintains enough matter in the soil to keep it together and not allow much of it to erode away. How do you be conservative? Their all on Talk Radio you should also go to Walmart and pick up the book called “Conservative manifesto” by mark levin.

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The Conservative and Unionist Party, more commonly known as the Conservative Party, is a political party in the United d in its present form during the early 19th century, it has since been the principal centre right party in the UK.. The Conservative Party is descended from the old Tory Party, founded in , and is still often referred to as the Tory Party and its politicians.

The Conservatives will also pass legislation to ensure nobody has to sell their home to pay for their care during their lifetime, and new rules will allow pensioners needing nursing home treatment to keep more of their assets. Here are the key points in the Conservative manifesto: But a person’s home will be counted among their assets when they are means-tested for domiciliary care currently this only applies to people needing residential care meaning more people will pay.

No-one will have to sell their home during their lifetime, as they will be able to borrow money which will be paid back from their estate after their death. Brits and their dogs head out to vote: Quirkiest polling station pictures Education A ban on new selective schools will be lifted with provision put in place to ensure pupils can join at other ages as well as To build at least a hundred new free schools a year with councils banned from creating new places at schools rated inadequate or requires improvement.

Plans for a national funding formula will be changed to ensure no school loses out. There will be no increase in the level of VAT.

British Asians more socially conservative than rest of UK, survey suggests

The Old Etonian had dazzled that year’s party conference with his youthful dynamism and charisma, reportedly telling journalists he was the “heir to Blair”. He has sought to match the former PM by putting the Conservatives at the centre ground of British politics. After the election he led his party into coalition with the Lib Dems, making tackling the UK economy’s deficit its priority. He has faced criticism from some on the right of the party but Mr Cameron has insisted the coalition will see through its full five-year term.

Before becoming leader, he was the Conservatives’ campaign co-ordinator at the general election and shadow education secretary. He was special adviser to Home Secretary Michael Howard and Chancellor Norman Lamont in the s before spending seven years as a public relations executive with commercial broadcaster Carlton.

Feb 12,  · Emily Maynard, 28, a writer from Portland, Ore., has witnessed many of her friends rejecting abstinence, in what she interprets as them pushing back against the “purity culture,” or the conservative sexual and dating norms with which they were raised.

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Tory MP Michael Fabricant Is Majorly Offended By Boris Johnson Hair Comment on Celebrity First Dates