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Welcome to Adar Massage online. Upcoming Events Looking for a doula? The benefits of receiving massage are far-reaching. Massage treatments can improve health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic immune systems. Massage treatments aim to: Ease or forestall physical dysfunction and pain. Relax and soothe tense muscles.

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Adam Smith Hey everyone, my name is Adam. I’m a student at Bowling Green State University studying creative writing and sociology. Aside from school, I’m an avid seeker of adventure and experience. My list of hobbies more like obsessions , include competitive bass fishing, kayaking, white-water rafting, road-tripping, hiking, texas-holdem, and when I’m stuck in school I’m planning on starting my thru-hike on March 15th.

An elite collaboration of doulas dedicated to serving the needs of Greater Vancouver’s childbearing families. Our team provides comprehensive educational and birth and postpartum hands-on care to support you during your pregnancy and parenting journey.

Even though catching a cold or flu is avoidable most of the time, the majority of people out there will tell you sick days are just part of being human. Numerous fans of the Young and Raw Facebook page have come to us over the past few weeks to ask for suggestions on how to kick their cold and flu quickly without taking cough syrup and chicken soup. Have you ever noticed when you catch a cold, it manifests at the most inconvenient time? But did you know that stress has a negative impact on the immune system to?

Stress is no bueno my friend. Try making a vegetable broth with celery, cabbage, carrots, leeks, kale, garlic, seaweeds and a mushroom blend. Your digestive system needs a break so it can focus on healing. A nice healthy dose of probiotics will help to repopulate the healthy bacteria in your gut and bring ease to your digestive system.

Bring your water to a boil and throw in your chopped greens, seaweed and peas. Let them soften and reduce your heat. Remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes and mix in 1 tbsp. Being dehydrated while you have a cold or the flu is possibly one of the worst things you can do for yourself and will only drag the sickness on longer.


The type of training or certification a doula has is, in many cases, much less important than her own philosophy about birth and the personal connection you are able to establish with her. For more information on this, see Certification for Doulas in Vancouver. How much experience should you look for in a Doula? This is a tricky one to answer, and depends on what you are looking for a in a doula.

Some experienced doulas claim they did their best work for their clients during their first births. I am definitely am a different doula now than I was early on in my birth career with a lot more knowledge and experience to share, and I draw interest from different types of clients than I did when I first started, have seen a lot of different types of births from twins to home VBACs and have worked with a wide range of primary care providers.

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I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and this past year, I’ve been everything from sailing instructor, to biology TA, to barista. I usually spend my summers in a boat or on a bike, but this year I’m excited to tackle some mountains instead. Audrey Payne Hi, everyone! Glowstick here, a Appalachian Trail NoBo thru-hiker. You could call it the “seven year itch” – after almost seven years working a desk job in our nation’s capital, I decided to leave my great job and head out into the wilds to reconnect with nature and have a great adventure.

When I’m not hiking or working, of course , I can usually be found at the climbing gym, a music festival, daydreaming about my next big trip, or wandering about with a large cup of coffee caffeine addict right here. Future ambitions include hiking the PCT, learning to mountaineer, and maybe adopting dog. I have dealt with that primarily by running, swimming and hiking as often as possible in hot Orlando.

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Find out what everyone is talking about! Doulas improve outcomes and help you and your birth partner s through this momentous and sometimes confusing experience. Attendence is free and you’ll learn a few “tricks of the trade” at the end of the evening as well! Register today to reserve your spot. Everyone who attends is entered in our draw for a great door prize.

The Tallahassee Doula Co-Op will be hosting a training for birth professionals to be taught by Refuge House of Tallahassee. This training will cover the topic of working with survivors of trauma during the childbearing year, including pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Resources Doula Matching Service We are happy to provide a doula matching service to help you in your search for the right doula. These doulas do not work for the BEC but are doulas we have come to know and trust with our parents. Once you have filled out the Disclaimer Form — please fill out the questionnaire that provides some background information on you and what you are looking for in a professional doula.

We will send you three names to interview and hopefully your journey with your doula will begin! If one of them is booked, please followup and we will try to get your another name. Know that choosing a doula is more of a personality fit than a price range or a level of experience. This woman will be with you in your most vulnerable moments — can you be vulnerable with her?

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Sometimes the surprise is an interesting success. Author Dawn Raffel tells us about Dr. Couney — the carnival showman who saved thousands of infants, and helped change the way we care for premature babies. Find info on her new book here. The goal was justice, but the trial yielded an unexpected result: Rotavirus once sent hundreds of thousands of U.

At Doula Speed Dating, you will meet at least five doulas who are currently practicing in Vancouver and surrounding areas and get a chance to have a mini-interview with each one. There will also be an intro to what doulas do, a short demo on a favourite doula birth tool: the rebozo, as .

As our air-conditioning unit came grinding to a halt, my Indian co-workers would stop whatever they were doing and sink to the floor, surrendering to the awesome heat that rapidly engulfed the office. When he needed to nurse, I collapsed into the nearest comfortable place, surrendering to his demands. Minutes or hours later, I peeled him off me and tried in vain to remember what I had been doing. One day I looked at the calendar and realized that almost two months had gone by.

Where had my maternity leave gone? When I heard about a brand-new, state-of-the-art daycare that had only a few slots left, I insisted my husband take time off work to look at it with me. Approaching the office, we could see the children in their classrooms through a soundproof glass door. As we toured the sparkling facility, she told us about building security, cleanliness, and child development.

While the director gushed on, a child stood behind her, peeling off his clothes layer by layer. With only two weeks of maternity leave left, I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store.

Geef je klacht een kans

By the time they were dressed for outdoors, the snow had basically melted, but no matter — such is the magic of the first snowfall, right? The baby was napping so I pulled out my phone. People who think opening Portage and Main to pedestrians will be a disaster. People who claim the cost of doing so will be human life.

Doula speed dating vancouver bc. Wouldn’t it be nice if money, AND doulas grew on trees!? A typical Doula package may include: A free introductory information session – 2 prenatal and 2 postnatal visits – Attendance/support during entire home or hospital birth * There is also the option of hiring a postpartum doula (for support after your baby is born), the going rate is per hour.

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Stages Doula and Photography. Birth Fee: $ to $ Postpartum Rate: $25 to $ Verified Certification. 6 Years in Practice. 42 Client Testimonials. Doulas of Vancouver. Birth Fee: $ to $ Postpartum Rate: $ 2 Certified Doulas. 4 Total .

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Along with about other graphic communications management students at Toronto’s Ryerson University, she stood in the school cafeteria and waited for the sound of the gong. As it rang out, the students charged into the cafeteria, frantically scanning the room for their first interview. After 10 minutes, the gong would signal the next interview.

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Doula Speed Dating – Doula Registration Form All fields marked with a red star must be filled. Any fields that you answer, “no” to (don’t do birth story, don’t have references available, etc) will not show on the doula bios that are handed out to clients.

Technological additions to vehicles are kicking off a new era of better transportation which is affordable, greener, and safer. The automotive industry is undergoing the most disruptive changes since its inception. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared, and Connected. We recently launched our platform with BMW in Germany: The positions we are hiring for: Our backend stack is Node.

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You have saved our sanity, saved our marriage, and more than anything helped me find the love and respect for my daughter again! Jese O” Winnipeg “My husband and I sat down with Kathy and found her down to earth wisdom easy to follow. Continuing with her for a few months has put me back into a solid relationship with my teen aged daughter, and just in time too! Linda J” BC “Our little daughter was the centre child and making our home life impossible and she wasn’t even a teen ager yet!

We were fast approaching panic. Time with Kathy helped me get back that personal power, I believed I’d lost!

Doula Speed Dating. Adar Birth Services runs a doula speed-dating event every two months in Vancouver. This form of doula selection can be great in the sense that you get an opportunity to meet several local doulas at once, and get a sense of who you feel comfortable with.

This fair is chock-a-block full of beautiful baby and child related products and services – you don’t want to miss it. The array of vendo Wouldn’t it be nice if money, AND doulas grew on trees!? This would definitely stir things up! We live in a world where investing and livelihood are, as Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics describes as “two sides of the same coin”. Money has both the power of hold The array of vendors is a Wondering what a birth doula actually DOES, and want more information?

This is your chance for expectant mothers and their partners to meet 8 local doulas all in one place, get more information, ask questions, and perhaps find a doula that might be the Check out these resources! How do I become a doula?

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