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R24 Real Housewives of Orange County writing credits. This show is not scripted. It’s manipulating their real lives to get the most drama possible. Who knows what those writing credits are for. Bear in mind the women consult with producers and writers about their depicted characters, tape multiple takes at small restaurant tables surrounded by a dozen lighting, camera, sound technicians and producers and line editors, attend and IG cast and crew wrap parties, and participate in salacious tabloid stories that serve as promotions for upcoming seasons of the show during hiatus and for episodes during the airing season. It is exactly as produced as fictional entertainment. It’s not a secret anymore. Go back and watch I Love Lucy.

Will Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers Get Back Together? Tamra Judge Has a Theory

The ex-couple has parted ways after the cancer stories started messing with their relationship. It seems like the co-stars will not be reuniting anytime soon. Inquisitr reported that Gunvalson is back into dating now and she recently had a date with her long-time friend, Jack.

Mar 24,  · Watch video · Brooks Ayers is opening up to Real Housewives of Orange County fans after admitting in November he forged medical records relating to his cancer diagnosis.

Vicki understands given that Briana eloped last season. However, quickly talk turns to The Shannon Dilemna. Vicki thinks Heather needs to be knocked down a a notch or two to understand empathy. On the night of the party, Lizzie, wearing a stripper figure skating costume, boards the party bus she rented to cart them all into LA. Of course no one shows up. Shannon calls last-minute to cancel. Then Lizzie calls Tamra to inquire about her whereabouts, but Tamra says her daughter is sick.

Then finally, Vicki and Brooks show up. As if Brooks is ever going to pass up the opportunity for free booze! Lizzie, who must be high on Brooks says she loves Brooks who is an amazing guy. Except any trip with Tamra and Heather is more like a wild and plain. And it has beaches! She probably thinks Bali was some sort of exercise involving kegel balls. Cause dontcha know Shannon yelled at her!

RHOC‘s Brooks Ayers DENIES Abusing Vicki Gunvalson!

I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County. Even more, I used to love it. The ladies were perfect California oranges: It was my go-to for time on the elliptical or for anytime I wanted to remember that somewhere in the world, people still care about doing their hair and makeup. But now I’m behind on the show and struggling to care.

Aug 16,  · On Sunday, Aug. 16, Vicki Gunvalson and her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, confirmed that they have once again split. The Real Housewives of .

All aboard the fun bus or bust, right?! And their husbands even lived with them, whereas Matt moved over an hour away and is too busy to see his kids for more than one weekend a month. However, emotional support is so not in the RHOC wheelhouse! As it stands see what I did there! And you know what the say: Kelly is still pissed at Steve and Vicki, and a pissed off Kelly Dodd will spill the motherload. Kelly speculates that the only reason Steve came back was that he was tired of living with his mommy.

But at least Steve had teeth when they met! Tamra pretends to be shocked by all of this and then begins to question Steve.

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 – Part 3

Although she was sorry she hurt Kelly’s feelings, Vicki didn’t think she did anything wrong by setting up Kelly’s ex-husband, Michael Dodd , with one of her friends. She also didn’t feel bad about going a double date with them without telling Kelly about it. View Story But in an effort to make amends, Vicki met up with Kelly to clear the air. She told Kelly she was going to tell her the night they went to dinner but chose not to because Kelly’s daughter was present.

Vicki Gunvalson has a new love interest. After splitting from Brooks Ayers just months ago, the Real Housewives Of Orange County star is now getting close to New York City lawyer John Pankauski.

Two years ago, Vicki Gunvalson was at the lowest point in her life. But personally for Vicki it led to a deep emotional breakdown, during which she couldn’t even get out of bed. The pain was only heightened when some of her cast mates questioned whether she had been involved in Brooks’ lie. I want to put everything behind me. I just want to have a good year.

I want [everyone] to be friends and have good times. Tell us about your new boyfriend, Steve Lodge. It was 10 months after Brooks that I started getting serious with Steve. He was kind of just what I needed. I don’t like being alone. It’s a couples’ world, so if you’re not dating or have a significant other you get a little left out from your couple friends. The right people appeal when they need to and he’s been good. A post shared by Vicki Gunvalson vickigunvalson on Apr 15, at 8:

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Bravo “I was depressed. I wouldn’t take my life Period… He did it. He lied to me. He lied to the viewers. He lied to everyone else for whatever reason, I don’t know and I will never know why he did what he did.

It’s been nearly a year since Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers broke up. But plenty of controversy followed their split last August, as her Real Housewives of Orange County crew questioned his.

Ever since the Real Housewives of Orange County premiered earlier this year, fans have been desperately searching for the truth about Brooks Ayers cancer diagnosis. Earlier this year Vicki Gunvalson revealed that Brooks Ayers was in a fight for his life, however after some extremely tainted and confusing stories the cast of Orange County began questioning Brooks Ayers illness. It was Meghan King Edmonds who was in the search of the truth that began the hunt; but ultimately it was Shannon Beador that blew it all up.

Considering that Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador were best friends at the beginning of the season, it shocked viewers when Shannon Beador also began to question Brooks Ayers illness. The nail in the coffin had to be how upset Vicki Gunvalson got at Shannon Beador…who honestly was simply trying to shut down the rumors as a favor for Vicki and Brooks. However when Tamra Judge revealed that Brooks Ayers medical records were well not exactly normal and by that we mean fake Shannon Beador took it into her own hands to go get a PET scan of her own.

Shannon even asked the testing center if they format their results the same way, and when she was told they do…. However what does this mean for Vicki Gunvalson? Was she in on Brooks Ayers lying about having cancer? Did she use this in order to secure her spot on the Real Housewives of Orange County?

Recap: “Don’t Gossip!”

Bravo 1 of 15 Vicki’s tagline was “I don’t want to get old” They did taglines a little differently in season one of RHOC — the very first season of Housewives. Bravo 3 of 15 Lauri worked for Vicki Little did Vicki know, Lauri would turn around and tell everyone Vicki had a threesome ten years later! He was also framed as a dedicated dad while Jo was the young party girl who left him at home. Oh, how things would change. Within a few years, Jo was long gone, Slade was dating Gretchen, and all the cast members were accusing him of being a deadbeat dad.

Real Housewives of Orange County boyfriend Brooks Ayers has finally had enough of the speculation about his cancer controversy. Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend confronted Meghan King Edmonds in .

Share this article Share ‘Seeing Vicki being taken off to the hospital kind of puts things in perspective,’ Tamra, 50, admitted to camera later. Does it really matter? And I feel like now we can really have a conversation that means something. Vicki and Tamra embraced as their long feud appeared to be over Tamra quickly brought up her husband Eddie and ‘the vicious rumor about him being gay’ that she insisted Vicki had spread. Her voice cracking with emotion, she told Vicki: He’s my best friend.

Tamra and Vicki discussed the root of their issues with each other Never ever: The reality star said she would never spread false rumors about Vicki’s boyfriend ‘Could you imagine if I was spreading rumors about Steve? You should have come to me. Tamra broke down in tears while making up with Vicki ‘You did, with Brooks. You did for five years. But I had to learn that myself,’ she said of her controversial ex Brooks Ayers who was accused of faking his cancer.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Jesus Take Vicki’s Fun Bus License…

Diko poops on her nightly. She wouldn’t allow her gay brother to attend their father’s funeral because she disapproves of gay people. She wants nothing to do with him, and she and Diko actually tried to bar her brother from attending the funeral with his boyfriend. I believe that he attended anyway, but the boyfriend wasn’t allowed. Anyway, people are speculating that that’s why she hasn’t appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen, and they’re also hoping he’ll call her out on it at the reunion.

Even though Vicki Gunvalson is in a happy relationship with Steve Lodge, Real Housewives of Orange County viewers will never forget her scandalous relationship with Brooks Ayers.

Vicki Gunvalson is ready to find lasting love with her new beau in season 12 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County. She also claimed that she is ready to move on from her controversial and tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers that was well documented in the past seasons of the show. According to the year-old reality TV star, she was broken when she began seeing the retired Santa Ana police officer. She also revealed that she initially discouraged him from dating her because she believed that she will not be a good partner during that time.

But things continue to work well for them up to now. She also described her relationship with Lodge in an interview with E! News , saying that the former police officer can provide the right kind of attention that she needs.

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